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About Naawa

Hello everyone!

I am Sara, the heart and soul behind Naawa. I am here to help you experience the amazingly beautiful Finnish archipelago outside of Turku.

After I graduated as a wilderness guide I moved to Korpo and here I got inspired to establish Naawa – Nature Awakening, a company that aims to channel the healing, calming and educating properties of Nature, offering activities and events that are carefully crafted with the idea of nurturing your soul and body while finding joy in Nature.

Nature is my passion and what inspires me. For me, there is nothing better than waking up in a tent to the sound of the birds, a breakfast by the fire or a long walk following paths created by other animals. If you feel a call inside your heart for all those things, let me help you discover the exciting nature of this incredible archipelago.

Join the Naawa movement and let nature awaken you!

Sara Söderlund with a knife in the hand

Träsknäs 2, 21710, Korpo

Naawa -Nature Awakening offers you unique outdoor experiences in the beautiful Finnish archipelago outside of Turku. 

Let us inspire You!

Outdoor life

We inspire you to spend more time outside, involved in joyful and calm activities.

Nature Healing

We inspire you to enjoy the calming and healing effects that nature has to offer.

Active Living

We inspire you to be active outdoors to get boosting and energizing benefits from the fresh air.

Positive energy

We inspire you to indulge all the positive energy you get from nature and share this positivity with others!