Naawa - Nature Awakening

Tentsile accommodation, guided tours and nature activities in Korpo

connect with your true nature

Naawa Nature offers you unique outdoor experiences in the beautiful Finnish archipelago outside of Turku.

Book activities for your group for a day of fun, rent a kayak or SUP-board for a relaxing day at sea, or spend the night in the middle of the lush and calming nature at Naawa Nature Camp.
Tentsile in a very green area of Naawa Nature Camp


Tentsiles, Amok-hammocks and camping spots
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Colorful Kajaks on the sea shore in the Finnish Archipelago

Korpo Kajakbod

Kayak and SUP-board rental from Buffalo, Verkan
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The persons kajaking close to the shore of an island

Guided tours

Kayak tours around the archipelago
Playing with the alphabet in Nature


Activities in nature for adults and children
about korpo
Korpo is a central island in the journey out to the Finnish Archipelago. The island is full of beautiful archipelago nature, small winding roads and picturesque old villages. Take your time to fully enjoy and discover the calm paste and wild nature this area has to offer.

The famous Archipelago ring route crosses half of the island, and the location of Naawa Nature Camp is just perfect for an overnight stay, as it is just a few hundred meters away from Galtby harbor.
Sara Söderlund getting ready for a kayak tour in the archipelago

about naawa nature

I am Sara, the heart and soul behind Naawa. I am here to help you experience the amazingly beautiful Finnish archipelago outside of Turku.

After I graduated as a wilderness guide I moved to Korpo and here I got inspired to establish Naawa – Nature Awakening, a company that aims to channel the healing, calming and educating properties of Nature, offering activities and events that are carefully crafted with the idea of nurturing your soul and body while finding joy in Nature.

Nature is my passion and what inspires me. For me, there is nothing better than waking up in a tent to the sound of the birds, a breakfast by the fire or a long walk following paths created by other animals. If you feel a call inside your heart for all those things, let me help you discover the exciting nature of this incredible archipelago.

Join the Naawa movement and let nature awaken you!

naawa nature's principles

outdoor life

We inspire you to spend more time outside, involved in joyful and calm activities in Nature.

nature healing

We inspire you to enjoy the calming and healing effects that nature has to offer.

active living

We inspire you to be active outdoors to get boosting and energizing benefits from the fresh air.

positive energy

We inspire you to indulge all the positive energy you get from nature and share this positivity with others!


  • We purchase products from reliable partners who respect the responsible values. We prefer local and domestic products.
  • We sort all our waste and offer a trash sorting station for the customers
  • We only serve plant based products at our activities.
  • We use a compost for food waste and have compostable toilets
  • We are self sufficient on electricity from solar panels installed at Naawa Nature Camp
  • We prefer second hand shopping and strive to buy used products when possible
  • We reuse old material as far as possible when building and renovating
  • We use our own compost to fertilize the gardens
  • We are proudly part of the LGBTQ community: We speak gay. 
  • We create an environment where everybody is welcome and have zero tolerance towards any kind of discrimination
  • We let parts of the grassland areas grow tall to create living spaces for the pollinators
  • We install bird houses at Naawa Nature Camp
  • In the near future, we want to organize more events on the subject of sustainable development
  • Be a strong influence on sustainability and ecological living
  • We want to enter a program for climate compensation to make sure we create zero negative impact on the climate
  • We are certified with Biosphere Sustainable tourism certificate
  • We are a proud support company of the association Keep the Archipelago tidy 
  • At Korpo Kajakboden we donate a small sum for every kayak and SUP-board rented as well as a small percentage of the guided tours to the John Nurminen Foundation
  • The owner is a certified Biosphere ambassador
  • We are proudly part of the LGBTQ community: We speak gay
  • Naawa is awarded with the Sustainable Travel Finland label. The label is awarded by Visit Finland for companies that have undergone the whole program and fulfilled the criteria about sustainable and responsible tourism.

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