Korpo Kajakbod

Kayak and SUP-board rental from Verkan in Korpo

About Korpo Kajakbod

Korpo Kajakbod offers kayaks and SUP-boards for rent and organizes guided kayaking tours for smaller groups.

Want to experience the beautiful archipelago at a slow pace and close to the water? We provide you with high class equipment, a short safety intro and show you the best routes for your trip.

If you’re looking for an even better experience, let us guide you through the maze of islands and enjoy a good snack with one of the most amazing views over the Baltic Sea.
You can find our price list and book a kayak, a sup board or a small rowing boat here!
Have a look at our themed guided tours here!

Price list

Kayak 2H
Kayak full day
Extra day
Double kayak 2H
Double kayak full day
Extra day
SUP-board 1H
SUP-board 2H
SUP-board full day
Rowing boat 2H
Rowing boat full day

naawa nature's principles

outdoor life

We inspire you to spend more time outside, involved in joyful and calm activities in Nature.

nature healing

We inspire you to enjoy the calming and healing effects that nature has to offer.

active living

We inspire you to be active outdoors to get boosting and energizing benefits from the fresh air.

positive energy

We inspire you to indulge all the positive energy you get from nature and share this positivity with others!
about korpo
Korpo is a central island in the journey out to the Finnish Archipelago. The island is full of beautiful archipelago nature, small winding roads and picturesque old villages. Take your time to fully enjoy and discover the calm paste and wild nature this area has to offer.

The famous Archipelago ring route crosses half of the island, and the location of Naawa Nature Camp is just perfect for an overnight stay, as it is just a few hundred meters away from Galtby harbor.
let Nature Awaken you
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