These terms and conditions apply to all separate bookings, unless a special agreement has been made.
When you make your reservation you shall provide your name, home address, arrival and departure date, and payment method. The reservation is binding for the accommodation when it has been confirmed verbally, in writing, or by email, and when you have received a booking number. As a prerequisite to ensure that the reservation is binding, the accommodation has a right to apply certain rules as terms for the reservation, for example a contractual booking fee, or certifying the reservation with a credit card.
The check-in begins at 17:00 (5 p.m.), check-out must happen at 12:00 (12 a.m.) on the day of departure, at the latest. Check-in and check-out hours can vary in some cases, if this has been agreed upon and confirmed by both parties before the start of the stay.

In the event of a double booking, Naawa undertakes to arrange other accommodation nearby at no extra cost.

Cancellations must be done at 17:00 (5 p.m.) on the day before arrival at the latest, meaning 24 hours before the agreed-upon arrival, unless other terms have been decided upon beforehand. If you fail to cancel your stay on time or at all, the accommodation has a right to charge you for the first night of your stay including taxes and other possible additional services. Departure before the agreed-upon time may also bring changes to the total price of the stay. In the event of a double booking, Naawa undertakes to arrange other accommodation nearby at no extra cost.

We accept the most commonly used payment cards. The accommodation is, however, not required to accept foreign currency, coupons, or checks unless this has been agreed upon prior to arrival. If the accommodation has not been paid for in advance the stay shall be paid for by card or cash as you arrive at the accommodation. The accommodation has a right to take a booking fee out of your credit card in case this has been agreed upon beforehand. The rate is decided by the accommodation, and will be subtracted from the final bill.
We follow good practice at the accommodation, and respect its rules of conduct. If you break these rules, you may be removed from the premises immediately. In this case you will still be charged for your entire stay and all possible additional services. You may not ask for a return on these charges.
You bear personal responsibility for your luggage if it has not been accepted by the accommodation for storage. The accommodation is not responsible for vehicles and items which are kept in the parking lot beside the accommodation.
As a guest you are responsible for damage caused intentionally or because of carelessness (smoking, for example), and which you, your guest, or your pet have caused to the tent, other spaces or areas, inventory, or the possessions of other guests.